Alphington Primary School

Our School

Alphington Primary School strives for personal growth and academic achievement.  It aims to promote curiosity and to nurture the development of confidence and resilience.  The school encourages children to learn independently and collaboratively, to be valued and value others and to take pride and pleasure in participation and achievement.

Set amidst residential streets, Alphington Primary School is a vibrant focal point for the community it serves. The safe and aesthetically pleasing environment is made up of flexible learning spaces and child friendly play areas. The school is recognised for its strong academic achievement, focus on high quality teaching and community involvement.

Established in 1908 following an application by parents for a school to be built in Alphington. Historical records show that the conception of the school was instigated by members of the community. Although much has changed at APS in the intervening years, this tradition of community involvement continues to the present day, playing a significant role in making APS the wonderful educational setting that we all enjoy.

Please find a copy of our most recent Annual Report to the school community and current four-year Strategic Plan below.