Alphington Primary School

Developing Global Citizens

At Alphington Primary we ensure our students receive the highest quality teaching and learning opportunities through a rich and authentic curriculum. Our teachers work collaboratively to plan holistic learning experiences that ensure learning is relevant and goes beyond the classroom, as students develop as global citizens.

Our goal is to provide a curriculum which allows teachers and students to integrate learning – a number of learning areas are studied at the one time. For instance, during a Maths lesson there will be opportunities to develop skills in writing, reading, thinking and interpersonal development. In this way students make connections with different aspects of their learning and make links to the real world.


The study of English is central to the learning and development of all young Australians.

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We are committed to developing a community of curious and skilled mathematicians.

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Integrated Inquiry

A cross curricular approach that provides students with opportunities to engage in authentic projects that give back to their communities.

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Digital Learners

Our vision for our students is for them to become critical, efficient, and effective users of the digital tools available to them.

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Specialist Programs

A well-rounded education includes providing students opportunities to explore and develop their abilities across a range of programs.

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Assessment & Reporting

We have a comprehensive assessment schedule to ensure effective monitoring of student learning.

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Extra Curricular

School Camp Program

We provide students from Foundation to Year 6 with the opportunity to participate in a safe, structured outdoor education program.

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Sporting Programs

We value the role student participation in a range of physical sporting activities provides in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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Music Program

The Out of Hours Music Program provides parents and students with convenient access to reputable music teachers and tuition.

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