Alphington Primary School

Developing Global Citizens

Our Integrated Inquiry units focus on developing a cross curricular approach that provides students with opportunities to engage in authentic projects that give back to their communities. As students learn we foster the concept of developing global citizens. 

​Alphington Primary School’s Integrated Inquiry demonstrates our strategic intent of Choice, Challenge and Pace to personalise learning. Students are encouraged to explore their curiosity, and engage in real life experiences, empowering self directed learning. We promote learning confidence through student voice and differentiated activities that cater for individual learning needs.

In the junior years students work collaboratively with their peers developing their understanding of the sciences, the humanities, design and technology, and their inter and intrapersonal relationships. Through a diverse range of experiences, students learn collaboratively, working on projects that give back to their class, their year and their school.

In the senior years students are engaged in community based inquiry projects. Our Year 5s form Philanthropy Groups and our Year 6s work in Action Teams. The focus of these is largely student directed, making the learning purposeful, engaging and relevant. Recent examples include: