Alphington Primary School

Transition to Prep Orientation Program

Ensuring children make a safe and happy transition from their early years education to the primary school environment Alphington Primary School runs an Prep Transition Program throughout October and/or November.
These sessions include Parent Information Sessions and separate fun activities in which the children will socialise with each other, work alongside our Better Buddies and complete engaging activities with our current Prep teachers.

There are opportunities for families to meet and hear from the leadership team, hear from current Prep parents, learn about the APS curriculum and engage with other future parents.

Better Buddies Program

The Better Buddies program is a key feature of Prep Transition. This program pairs up our Year 5 students with a Pre-School child as part of the transition sessions offered in Term 4 each year. Working with a Year 5 buddy is a wonderful way for our new students to connect with APS and of course provides a friendly, familiar face when school starts the following year. The Better Buddies program continues throughout the year with opportunities built into the curriculum that allow our youngest and oldest students to work together and it is something that is valued and enjoyed by all those involved.

Year 1 - Year 6 Transitions Program

​In Term 4 staff and students begin the process of transition. Students are invited to list peers with whom they do their best learning with to be in the same class for the following year, knowing that at least one friend from their list will be in their new class.

Staff then work together using these lists to structure the new classes. At all times we are mindful of creating a balance, taking into consideration the academic, social and emotional needs of the cohort.

In the final weeks of the school year we hold our annual ‘Step Up Day’. This is an opportunity for students to meet their new teacher and classmates in a relaxed environment. Students will spend a session in their new classroom and begin establishing relationships to ensure a smooth transition the following year.

Transition to Secondary Education

​The transition to secondary school will be an exciting time for you and your child. After seven years at primary school the move to a new environment can be a little daunting too. Our Year 6 staff work closely with our local secondary schools to make the transition process a smooth one, In addition we provide an information night, where parents can come along to receive advice, ask questions and gain insights into the transition process.

As part of the transition from Year 6 to Year 7, students in government secondary schools participate in an orientation day. All government schools hold this orientation day on the same day (often the second Tuesday of December). It may include a school tour, meeting fellow students and teachers, and taking part in special lessons and activities. If you require additional information about the orientation details, specific to your child’s new school, please contact the secondary school directly.