Alphington Primary School

Message from the Principal

Open Day 2024 

Come and visit the school at our Open Afternoon

Wednesday 15th May @ 2.30pm

Our greatest assets are our students. Every day they bring such potential with their enthusiasm and passion for learning, their desire to succeed and pursuit of excellence. At Alphington Primary School the student is at the centre of the highly engaged community. The caring, professional staff value all students and are dedicated educators. Children are respected for their individuality and are encouraged to become empowered individuals who are strong agents of their learning through a collaborative classroom approach.

Our students have an authentic belief that they have a strong voice and can make a difference by taking action. The school strives for academic excellence with a particular emphasis on the recognition that all children have individual talents that need to be extended and challenged. There is a commitment to personal growth and meeting the individual needs of each child and the school places great importance on the development of the school values of respect, kindness, resilience, integrity and curiosity.

The school program encourages children to learn independently and collaboratively, to be valued and value others and to take pride and pleasure in participation and achievement.

Our School:

Our team of professional and dedicated staff, look forward to working with you in the years ahead. Please feel free to call and make an appointment should you wish to discuss anything further.

Melissa Mackenzie — Principal

About Our School

Alphington Primary School strives for personal growth and academic achievement. It aims to promote curiosity and to nurture the development of confidence and resilience.
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School Values

Kindness, resilience, integrity, curiosity and respect​ are embedded in all aspects of life at Alphington Primary School and truly support our endeavour to assist students to be outstanding in all that they do.
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School Facilities

The buildings and grounds of Alphington Primary School are the landscape upon which our vision for student learning, wellbeing and citizenship are developed.
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