Alphington Primary School

Parent Engagement

There are a variety of ways in which parents are welcome to be involved and partner with the school.  These include assisting with excursions and camps, library, working bees, and contributing at what for many is the highlight of the school social calendar, the annual APS Fair. This year the Fair will be held on Saturday 4th May.

In addition to these opportunities for engaging with your child’s education we also offer the following:

School Council

The School Council membership comprises 9 elected parent members, 4 elected staff members, a co-opted community member and the Principal. The School Council has the overall responsibility for the development of policies and the direction of the school within State guidelines. The implementation of these policies and the translation to educational programs rests with the Principal and staff.

Class Helpers

At Alphington Primary School we encourage and value the support parents can provide to student learning and greatly appreciate the parents and community members who assist and support our program. Our teachers run an annual workshop at the beginning of the year to support parents and community members who may wish to become class helpers.

The role of a class helper is to support the classroom in many different ways, including one-to-one reading, small group tasks, spelling, and administration. If you are interested in becoming a class helper please contact the school.

Class Parent Liaison

Class liaisons fulfil an important social and cultural role within our school community. The role is a link between parents in the class, in relation to school social events, and between parents and school committees. Communication involves the organisation and management of such events. Ideally there are two class liaison parents per class.


Alphington Primary School has chosen Seesaw to strengthen the connection between the learning at school and at home. We believe that Seesaw creates greater opportunities for families to celebrate their child’s success with their learning in the classroom on a regular basis.

Seesaw is a secure online journal where students can document and reflect on what they are learning in class. Your child will be able to add the things we work on (including photos, videos, activities, drawings and voice recordings) to their Seesaw journal and we can share them privately with you and other family members to view and comment on throughout the school year.


The Compass Portal is the primary means of communication between school and home. Compass provides our school community with a range of options which streamline communication and provide enhanced access to information. It also supports many of the school’s administration processes: