Alphington Primary introduced the ‘Solving the Jigsaw’ program in 2009. Solving the Jigsaw is an early-intervention and prevention program. The program’s aim is focussed on children’s right to be safe and to feel safe. Jigsaw helps students in primary and secondary schools work through wellbeing issues in their lives through developing a culture of well being.

They learn to develop trust in a safe environment. They learn to deal with their problems, and how to talk about their lives, their feelings and what matters to them. It strengthens their resilience and encourages them to make positive choices about their future. Jigsaw gives children not only a voice, but also a place in which they can feel comfortable talking, reflecting and considering their lives. Jigsaw bridges the worlds of home and school, promoting the belief that a child’s self esteem and wellbeing are raised when they feel safe, valued and connected.

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