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  An effective school is one where teachers and parents work together for the benefit of students. One of the strengths of this school is the strong partnership between home and school. Parents take an active role in many facets of school life.
These include helping in the classroom, attending excursions, working in the canteen or library and at working bees. A wide range of fundraising activities, including our highly successful Annual Fair are run by parents and strongly supported by the local community. Teachers regularly seek parent assistance in various classroom programs including annual sporting events, the annual concert and the Art exhibition.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in a variety of ways.

Committees Fundraising Parent Liaison Contact
Parents are encouraged to take part in the decision-making processes. This can be done by nominating for School Council or by joining any of the sub-committees or the Parents' Association. Fundraising is a vital part of the school organisation and requires a high level of support and input from parents. Each year a parent from each grade is nominated as the Parent Liaison Contact. They become the official contact between the schools parents and teachers organising specific help for the teacher and the grade. Class Liaison Parents also help organise social events.
Here's who to contact
Commitees Title Name Contact Details
School Council President
Education Policy Sub Committee Executive Officer
Finance Sub Committee Treasurer
Environment Sub Committee Convenor 9499-2200
Parents’ Association
Out of School Hours Care
The Arts Virginia Harding 9499-2200
Chess Club Paul Green 9499-2200
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