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Prep student enrolment applications are inviteded during the year prior to commencing school.  Students residing where Alphington Primary is their closest school have the right to enrol.  Students who live beyond this region are welcome to apply for a place and will be considered for enrolment. Enrolment offers will be confirmed in writing as early as possible; during Term 3.  Students who have a sibling enrolled have priority status.

Students Enrolments received for students in Years 1 to 6 will be considered if there is a vacancy in that year level.

Open Afternoon –
Alphington Primary School Open Afternoon is held during Education Week each year.  This is an excellent opportunity for children and parents to see the school and classrooms in operation.  Application forms and information are readily available on the day and a personal tour with the Principal can also be arranged if you wish.

Forms –
Enrolment Forms must be completed, signed and returned to our office with the following original documents which will be copied by the School:-
    Birth Certificate
    Passport, if born overseas

This is a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development requirement. Enrolment forms will not be accepted without birth details.

International Students –
For families arriving from overseas, school entry is determined by the Visa Subclass Number on your child’s Passport. Students unable to enrol directly into the school can enrol via the International Education Division. Please contact them by phone on 03 9637 2990, by email  on or visit their website on for further information.

  If you have any queries concerning enrolments, please feel free to contact us.
We welcome all queries and feedback from families interested in enrolment at Alphington Primary School.

The First Day – Coming to School

Children Learning 2 If you would like to enrol your child at Alphington Primary School you may do so by contacting Administration on 9499 2200 or by emailing

Preparing Your Child For School

    · Talk to your child about school; a place where he/she will meet lots of other children, make friends and take part in fun learning experiences, listen to stories, make things etc.
    · Encourage your child to be responsible for his/her belongings – to put things such as toys and books away after use, and to hang up coats and bags.
    · Teach your child to dress and undress by him/herself, especially coats and jumpers and to tie his/her shoelaces. Clothing that can be easily managed is recommended.
    · Ensure that he/she is able to use a toilet by him/herself, cope with buckles, belts, etc. and can wash his/her hands.
    · Show your child where you have written their name on their belongings.
    · Help your child to learn his/her name, address and telephone number.

Personal Items Required

    1. Each child requires an art smock. This should have sleeves. An old shirt or smocks with elasticised cuffs and neck are ideal for Preps. No buttons if possible – velcro or press-studs are advisable.
    2. Each child requires a library bag – a material bag approx. 45 x 35cm with a drawstring or handles.
    3. To avoid distress over favorite games and toys being damaged or lost at school, it is requested that parents assist by ensuring:-
    · Roller-blades, skateboards and roller skates are left at home.
    · Children are discouraged from bringing expensive toys and games such as eye-catching items, expensive sports gear and jewelry.
    · Dangerous toys – missile launchers, bows & arrows, guns, swords, etc. are also left at home.
Please bring your child to the prep room by 9.00am.
It would be preferable if parents bring children to school on the first day. If a parent is unable to do so, please ensure an adult friend or relative accompanies with him/her.
Children will be given a name tag by the class teacher.

Parents are invited to stay a short while, however, after a few minutes the teachers will suggest that you leave. Please say a quick goodbye and let your child know you will be picking him/her up later. The calmer you are about leaving, the happier you both will be and the separation will be easier.
Parents are invited to stay for a cup of tea or coffee in the staffroom so that you can meet with other parents and talk about the pleasures of your child’s first day at school.

Please ensure that all articles are clearly named

What to bring on the first day . . . .

    School bag
    Play lunch
    Legionnaire or broad-brimmed sun hat
    (compulsory for all outside activities in term 1 and 4)
    Art smock
    Library bag
    Spare underwear (if you think it might be necessary)

Going Home

Preps will have a four day week (stay home on Wednesdays) for the first few weeks until the end of February. The four days of attendance are full days at school. Please ensure you are prompt and wait outside the door of your child’s room. Children become most upset if their parent is late as they think that they have been forgotten. If you are going to be late, please phone ahead of time so that we can tell the child and avoid causing distress. Even a few minutes is a long time to a child! If you are unable to collect your child, ensure that the teacher knows who is picking them up and that your child knows whom to look for. Teachers will wait with your child until someone known to them collects the child. We encourage parents with a concern to speak with teachers about anything that is worrying you or your child. The Principal is also willing to speak with you at a mutually agreeable time.  
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