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Dance and Singing Lessons at Alphington Primary School .

Ballet, Singing and Pop Dance classes are held onsite at lunchtimes and afterschool in the Multi-Purpose room. Lessons focus on enjoyment, nurturing confidence and developing performance skills in a relaxed, caring environment. Children are welcome to trial these classes at any time during the year, where there is a space available. Lessons are taught by Katrina Post, VIT qualified teacher and experienced singer/dancer/violinist..

To sign up for a free trial lesson of any group/s visit www.katsdance.com.au and follow the registration link. Please complete all stages of enrolment except the payment. This provides us with permission for your child to attend a trial, along with safety and contact information. After the trial, you can then contact us to pay the pro rata term fee or withdraw (no cost accrued).

2018 Junior Groups Prep –Grade 2 .

Lunchtimes 1pm—2pm in the MPR .

Mon: Junior Ballet .

Tues: Junior Dance (Pop) .

Thurs: Junior Choir (Pop).

Senior Groups Grades 3-6 .

3:50pm—4:50pm in the MPR .

Tues: Senior Dance .

Thurs: Senior Choir (Pop) and Drama games.

Students enjoy performing at school and community events. The first performance of the year is at the School Fair. There is also an optional concert on Sunday October 28th with a short additional rehearsal the week prior. Students can attend classes throughout the year whether they choose to perform or not. Please give us a term’s notice if NOT performing to allow us to place your child where they won’t leave an empty space in the choreographic groupings. Optional audience tickets, photos and dvds are the only additional concert costs, with no pressure to purchase any of these. The costume, which children keep, is covered by the enrolment fee.

Info for Juniors: (Foundation to Grade 2) Following a loudspeaker announcement at the start of lunchtime, Foundation students are collected and older students walk in pairs to the MPR bringing their lunch, dance shoes and drink bottle. Any missing children are collected by monitors. Students have time to eat and visit the bathroom before enjoying their dance or singing lesson. They often like to save time by wearing their singlets and leggings/bike shorts under their uniform. Please ensure all garments are named. Info for Seniors (Grades 3 to 6) Seniors eat and change into dance clothes after school and then head into the MPR with their schoolbag and drink bottle at 3:45pm, ready for a 3:50pm start. Classes run for an hour and parents collect children from the MPR unless returning to After School Care. Cost: $16 per lesson paid as a term fee plus a $50 once yearly costume &enrolment fee per group. Some classes sell out. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Absences can be made up with any other group at any time during the term. Students need a pair of dance shoes which can be purchased from us for $20 or from a vendor of your choice. Children can bring a black singlet and leggings or black tee-shirt and shorts from home as the uniform. .

Please contact Katrina Post for more information .

Ph: 0403156920 E: katsdance@live.com.au www.katsdance.com.au BA Dance (VCA), Post Grad BA Teaching, AMUS Violin (AMEB) with Musicianship, Cert Kodaly Music Teaching, Cert Mini Maestros Preschool Music Teaching Katrina Post School of Performing Arts Alphington .

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