DSC_9129v2“A full range of children come to chess – older and younger, girls and boys, noisy and quiet, sporty and non-sporty, square pegs and round.”    

Lunchtime Chess Sessions

These sessions are held twice a week by parent volunteers and have been very popular for many years. Children are encouraged to come and go as they please so that chess is viewed as an optional lunchtime activity. Most of the senior children know the rules and require little one-to-one tuition. Supervision involves answering questions, correcting misconceptions, and sometimes commenting on the situation in particular games.

The A.P.S Tournament.

This tournament, generating considerable extra interest in chess around the school, is divided into two components- one for Grades 3 and 4 and one for Grades 5 and 6. The competitive element attracts children rarely at lunchtime sessions, the more serious nature of the event lifts the standard of play amongst those involved.

Interschool Competition.

Chess Competition These are run by Chess for Kids and APS usually enters a team in one or more competions. Parents who are willing to help with the Chess Club, either by assisting at lunchtime or providing suggestions for improvement or additional activitires should contact the Chess Club via the School Office.
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