Our annual whole school concert is a highlight for many of our children, offering them a chance to showcase their abilities on the big stage.

Senior children have a significant role in preparing the annual school concert. Year 6 children write the script, generate the title, select the songs, assist in the dance choreography, produce the booklet and perform in the production.

The Concert is linked to the Term 3 Units of Inquiry across the school and is performed for one night only in early September.

Previous Shows:

2008 Centenary Concert (history)
2009 The Dreaming (sustainability & Indigenous culture)
2010 Tram of Unity (cultural diversity)
2011 Inventions (science through history)
2012 Missing Pieces (geography)
2013 History Decides (politics, Marbo)
2014 Silk Road (geography)
2015  Down the rabbit hole

Our community is proud of the children’s talents and efforts that go into creating such wonderful shows, year after year!

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We thank all the staff and parent volunteers who make this magical night possible.

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