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At the turn of the century, children in the Alphington area attended Fairfield Primary School. Parents applied for a school in 1906 and were promised teachers if they could provide a building.

A letter from Samuel Summons, District Inspector, on 9th March 1908 tells of his meeting with residents who requested a local school. It appears from this historical record that the conception of the school was instigated by members of the community. This tradition of parental involvement has continued to the present day.

Summons endorsed the request and parents provided a building (33’ x 20’) for an Infant School on the present Yarralea Kindergarten site. The building known as “Yarralea Hall” was built by public effort and subscriptions.

The School adjoined the Alphington Public Hall and was leased to the Department of Education for £30 per annum, the address being “Yarra Street” (later Yarralea Street).

Teachers were provided and the school was officially opened on 21/08/1908 as School Number 3599, Alphington. Henry T. Serbire, Principal of Fairfield, was in charge of the school when it opened. The school remained on this site until 1922.

In 1922, a site: 2 acres, 0 roods, 2130 perches, about 6 chains south of the leased hall, was purchased from a “Mr Adams” for £1600.

A new brick building consisting of 6 classrooms (2 partitioned) and office, was erected on the site a t a cost of £7345.10.8d. Occupation began on 21/11/24, the school was officially opened by Sir John Monash. Richard T. Griffiths was first Head Teacher from January 1925 to 1934.

An extra Block of land (26 1/10 perches) north-east of the school site, was purchased in 1929 for £132.

Some information forwarded to the school suggests that from 1931 – 1933 a Fairy Hills adjunct, was controlled by the Alphington School , but there seems to be few details available on this matter.

A school bell was donated to the school by the Mothers Club in 1947/8. This bell was made by Mr Keighian at Adam’s Brass Foundry in Carlton.

In 1960, the hall, originally the Latrobe Golf Club House, was purchased by the Committee and Mothers’ Club and moved to its present site in 1961. This initiative was unique at that time.

A great deal of effort and persistence from the School Committee eventually achieved their aim of a multi-purpose room for the school. For many years this room was not regarded as official Education Department property; since being used by the school it has been renovated, lined, electric lights installed, painted and partitioned with folding doors, all by voluntary effort.

After many requests, a new reticulation service and toilet block were provided in 1966. In 1967, the grounds were re-graded, asphalt areas renewed and drains put underground. A house block, purchased in the north-west corner in 1968, made the grounds rectangular.

1973 saw the construction of a new brick staffroom and storeroom which were ready for use in 1974. In the same year an Adventure Playground was erected under the pine trees along the west fence. In 1977 the whole school was repainted and necessary repairs affected.

In 1978 a Rover tractor/lawnmower was purchased by the School Council. The preliminary placement and construction of the library took place in December 1978 and was completed and put into full use in 1979. In that year too, a new soccer field of granitic sand was erected and replacement of underground drainage took place.

By the end of 1982 the front of the school had been paved and the garden beds improved. Grade 6 painted a mural on the eastern shelter shed wall in Term 3, 1982. At Christmas the Department removed a portable classroom, despite protests.

During 1983 the school roof was repaired at a cost of $9,000 and a special grant of $1,600 was used to pave the area between the hall and the main building. The area behind the toilet block was cleared with a view to making a bike rack area and garden. The Mothers’ Club provided approx. $1,500 for large cupboard storage in the passageway. The Principal moved his office to the front of the school, making the previous office available to a Teacher-Aide. A typist was appointed to the school for the first time, working two mornings a week.

1984 saw a change in the composition of the School Council. The council consists of 7 parents, 6 teachers, Head Teacher, Parents Association Representative and co-opted members if required.

Contracts for work were approved by the Regional Office. The School Council was responsible for the carrying out of these jobs; toilet repairs, replacement of sound system and re-asphalting of the school yard.

During 1985, major works were carried out on the replacement of ceilings throughout the school. A major cyclic maintenance and upgrade of buildings was planned to provide improved facilities.

An architect was employed under the School Council Contract Scheme to draw a master plan. Actual work commenced in the middle of 1986 and was completed in mid-1988.

Head Teachers (Principals)
Mr H.T. Serbire 1908 – 1913
(unknown period) 1914 – 1924
Mr R T Griffiths 1925 – 1934
Nr E.G. Crellin 1935 – 1936
Mr C.A. Anderson 1937 – 1942
Mr F. Sunderman 1943
Mr R. Mawson 1944 – 1947
Mr R J Teague 1948
Mr W Frazer 1949 – 1953
Mr J B Allen 1954 – 1960
Mr R W Fitzgerald 1961 – 1963
Miss E Griffiths (acting) 1962 – 1963
Mr P T Anthony 1964
Mr F W Savage 1965 – 1974
Miss Colette Flynn (acting) 1975
Mr W Anderson 1976 -1978
Mr Rod Albury 1979
Mr Jim Davidson 1980 – 1982
Mr Lindsay Bethune 1983 – 1984
Mr Colin Hodgson 1985 – 1990
Miss Judy Thomson 1990 – 1999
Mr Chris Glen (acting) 1999
Mrs Violetta Carter 1999 – 2004
Mr Lex Arthurson (acting) 2004 – 2007
Mrs Cheryl McCashney 2007 – 2015
Mrs Melissa Mackenzie 2016 –
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