An action becomes an embedded behaviour. Change behaviours by example.

The notion of sustainability is an integral part of our philosophy.
Alphington Primary has for many years had a focus on sustainability, from our association with the Gould League in 2003 through to becoming a ResourceSmart School in 2009.

In October 2010 Alphington Primary School completed the required sustainable practices to receive 4Star ‘Sustaining level accreditation with resourceSmart Victoria.
Families participated in the 2010 GreenHouse Games Schols Challenge
Our school participated in ECO-Buy’s School Green Purchasing Program Pilot, to assist in developing and implementing improved sustainable purchasing processes.

APS takes a whole of school approach towards sustainability seeking leadership from students, teachers and the community. All grades contribute to student initiated and driven sustainable practices and are working towards embedding many sustainability practices across the school:

    *That every day is a NUDE FOOD DAY with‘TAKE IN & TAKE OUT’ Rubbish
    *That every day we have SWITCH OFF regimes.
    *That every day is a WALK or RIDE to SCHOOL day.
    *That we can cut down on paper (Use other side)
    * That we can cut down on paper printing costs (Use ecofont

Our ultimate objective is to become a Carbon Neutral School.

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